Hangzhou will push the bus fare concessions to promote environmental protection

lives in the city people, can be said as long as go out will need to take public transportation, down every month will also spend some money, now in the Hangzhou Price Bureau recently released a message, will reduce the public transportation charges.

for promoting environmental protection and encourage people to green travel, to alleviate traffic congestion in the city this year, Hangzhou municipal government key tasks, clearly put forward to improve the transit price policy. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Hangzhou Municipal Price Bureau, the Council has embarked on the development of a further optimization and improvement of bus fares preferential measures program draft, the draft is currently being further improved.

it is reported that the bus preferential measures in Hangzhou City Price Bureau has on line implementation are summarized, and through field research, questionnaire survey, analysis of various ways of judgment, the running status of the bus investigated and the actual requirements to participate in the investigation of residents. The day before, the bureau also jointly relevant departments, through the questionnaire survey, with the help of experts and scholars way collection bus price preferential golden ideas and measures.

"adjust the bus fares preferential measures is the biggest difference between the past and the bus preferential transfer, including bus and bus transfer, bus and subway, hoping to increase the attractiveness of public transport through economic levers, ease traffic congestion." Hangzhou Municipal Price Bureau official said.

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