The first virtual enterprise park

now social entrepreneurs need to have a good business environment, at the same time, the society and the government are now actively trying to create a good environment for people to go into business, recently, the first virtual business park was established.

9 1, by the innovation industry in Xi’an Beilin university with the CMC, to the construction of smart city China leader Digital China Corp to build enterprise integration services platform.

it is reported that the enterprise integration services platform to meet the needs of enterprise and innovation team needs as the core, with "Internet plus service" government aggregation service resources, Research Institute of innovation resources, public service resources and professional services market resources, through the integration of the web client, mobile terminals, self-service terminals and services hall and other channels, to provide personalized service lifecycle for small and micro enterprises, construction elements of business ecosystem, a full range of supporting public entrepreneurship, innovation.

In fact,


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