Shaanxi CPPCC monthly consultation forum focused on the creation of public fund

Public Fund believes that entrepreneurs are more concerned about one aspect of the issue of public fund in Shaanxi, the CPPCC monthly consultation forum for a detailed discussion, the specific content of a look at it!

"to establish" public record fund "to invest in government guidance, to promote scientific and technological achievements in situ conversion for the purpose of social investment to boost confidence, enhance the angel investment and venture investment, financing guarantees and other financial services institutions, conducive to leveraging the capital market and revitalize the science and technology resources enrichment of this’ stock ‘advantage, reduce business costs, improve entrepreneurial innovation enthusiasm."

3 30, the Shaanxi provincial CPPCC held as soon as possible to set up a ‘public fund’ to boost the public entrepreneurship in Shaanxi, the people of innovation in 2016, the first monthly consultation forum. At the meeting, the provincial CPPCC Chairman Han Yong pointed out, should attach great importance to deeply understand the significance of public entrepreneurship and innovation, actively adapt to the trend of development, the formation of a broad consensus in the province, playing its due role in the field of science and technology in Shaanxi province to promote the reform of the supply side. To focus, grasp the key aspects of the design, pay attention to play the role of all levels of action, open up channels of scientific and technological achievements, to guide the development of new technology industries, and promote the development of the Internet industry.

although Shaanxi Province set up a development fund for small and medium-sized enterprises, scientific and technological achievements to guide the fund, angel fund. But the scale is still very small, narrow coverage, and a single mode of operation, has been unable to meet the actual needs of the Shaanxi public entrepreneurship, innovation and development. Members believe that "as soon as possible to set up" public record fund "is in line with the national financial investment direction, is beneficial to the enhancement of financial support policy measures the pertinence and effectiveness of the fiscal policies to benefit the larger scope. At the same time, it can optimize the existing structure of the fund in Shaanxi, expanding the size of the fund, the real form of innovation, entrepreneurship, investment three linkage vivid situation.

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