After the return of the successful return of her sister

has a lot of home business examples in our life, some people are successful, then say the girl is a typical home business, let’s look at her story.

scientific planting technology, rapidly improve the Su Denian berry yield. During the year of cucumber mountain pear Festival ", there are a lot of tourists passing her strawberries, people buy strawberries in a continuous line. Looked at by tourists a "grab" and empty strawberries, Su Denian thought: "why not expand the planting area, so that visitors to pick strawberries?"

built women’s farm, nurturing a brand

"relying on cucumber mountain pear Festival", Su Denian tasted the sweetness of the strawberries. 2013, she and his father to discuss, decided to come up with 300 thousand yuan savings at home, expand the scale of planting, while registered family farms. In the national agricultural policy support, enhance the development of confidence Su Denian strawberry. In the short period of six months, her farm on the transfer of land 103 acres. Among them, 73 acres of strawberry picking garden, strawberry nursery area of 30 acres.

had just started the family farm is difficult, because Su Denian never had such a large area of land management. Cultivation of strawberry seedlings, the whole day is recommended

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