How much do you know about the location of a clothing store

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the apparel industry market is hot, causing widespread concern in the community

. For investors, the location of the clothing store is a very important part, but do you know the location of the clothing store conditions?

The location of

1, more than ten years of continuous operating force

2, the size of the clothing store target customer base exists

however, consideration should be given to such a point, that is the clothing store target customers are often changed. Municipal planning, traffic changes can lead to an increase or decrease in customer base, which is also an important basis for the prediction of future customer base. As a municipal planning construction in a residential area, when newly established residents less, but with the development and improvement of living facilities in residential areas and other facilities, the local residents will be increasing, obviously, to set up chain stores outlets in this area, increased shoot fee group is the inevitable. Such as new stations, terminals, subway exports, tourist attractions, public facilities, etc. can increase the consumer group. There is no doubt that the changes in the external environment must be taken into account in the determination of the consumer population.

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