You can choose to join the dry pot Chanzui dry pot spicy duck

has a dry pot to join the project you have heard, that is Chanzui dry pot spicy duck. Chanzui dry pot spicy duck why, just because it’s in doing your dry pot brand, because the heart so naturally welcome.

Chanzui dry pot spicy duck can be used as a special food consumption, and can be used as a Hot pot pot form, guests can according to their own preferences for all kinds of meat and vegetarian Shabu raw materials, increase the dining atmosphere. Then with a variety of rare spices and herbs, its nutrients are fully dissolved in the soup, easy to be absorbed by the body. The taste of mellow flavor, spicy taste, sweet but not greasy, long aftertaste.

bottom of pure taste fragrant, delicious; hemp, spicy moderate, clear Chili oil; spicy duck after eating, can add Hot pot soup and then rinse Hot pot dishes, "a pot of two to eat; eat duck bone soup boiled food and holding various dishes, fresh boiled noodles, is a must.

Chanzui dry pot spicy duck details to join

1, the headquarters of a one-time charge of 3600 yuan (including: Join fee, the use of the brand, technology transfer fees, training fees and the cost of technical updates later), no longer pay any fees.

2, dry pot series: dry pot duck, dry pot chicken, dry pot Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce, dry pot broth, dry pot pig’s trotters, on-site training in company training base, headquarters by professional teachers hands-on teaching, to ensure that each franchisee personally operation, learn all the skills easily.

3, the headquarters of the gift: 2 sets of dry pot, clothing, 2 sets, authorized bronze medal of the store, the store image of the CD 1 and technical data of a copy of the..

4, come to the scene to learn 2 – 3 days, you can learn, the number of training – 1 – 2, free accommodation, with learning.

5, the limit to join: municipalities each district set up four, the provincial capital city each district set up three, prefecture level city each district set up two, county-level city or township set up a.

6, big news: dry pot duck + stone fish + spicy pot + Yang Xiezai = the price of 6880 yuan