Several ideas of Rural Entrepreneurship

a lot of rural land, rich products, but because the rural city is not so developed, so many people choose to the city to develop, in fact they do not know in the countryside can also have a good future, for example, is very good in rural entrepreneurial ideas, so some people may ask, what is good the project in rural entrepreneurship words? Today we recommend several.

pepper stand to sell into the market or supermarket, like pepper, ginger, garlic and other seasonings is always "heap" selling, customer and owner have become accustomed to. Shandong Luo Guangmin just also began pushing carts stocked with a variety of condiments peddle. A few years down, poor sales. There may be a small commodity wholesale market, see the northern flavor of red pepper jewelry is eye-catching, very popular. Asked the boss, they know the customer to buy back the clusters of red pepper, the figure is auspicious.

2007, she in the process of "water gold" in a "Lotus fish snail – lotus root" stereo model. That year, her lotus seeds have a good harvest, net profit per mu million yuan.


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