What to do business around the school to make money

is a very large group of students, their study, life is for parents to pay attention to, and thus earn their money is relatively easy, of course, the premise is the need to choose the industry. I believe many people have spotted around the school to open investment, entrepreneurial opportunities, but there are still doubts in the industry choice. Here, the small series on the inventory of several promising industries for your reference.

open green dry cleaning shop, big money way

it’s a good idea to open a dry cleaning shop near the school. A new generation of green dry cleaning shop has completely solved the problem of large investment in dry cleaners, popularity is not wide. The chemical content of Green formula after detergent washing powder is lower than normal, without any damage to the clothing is also harmless to the human body, is one the country’s green technology.

green dry cleaning shop just a good quality ironing machine 3000 yuan and an ordinary washing machine can be 800 yuan. Washing raw materials 200 yuan local shops can be purchased, the formula is easy to learn, with a good proportion can operate. During the operation, only the clothes are soaked in the washing liquid which is filled with the green dry cleaning process, and the washing machine can be washed in a few minutes.

wash a suit only costs 2 yuan, charge 10 yuan, renovation, cleaning a leather jacket costs 1-2 yuan, 50-80 yuan, day live in more than 50 pieces, plus a variety of difficult problems in clothes processing, industry and commerce, the tax deduction, utilities, rent and other expenses, the rate of up to 80 thousand yuan in.

boutique snack bar

school near the opening of a boutique snack shop, during the Spring Festival, whether it is to go to relatives and friends, or friends will be friends, snacks are essential. Moreover, with the continuous improvement of living standards, exquisite packaging, taste unique boutique snacks favored. Therefore, opened a boutique shop to buy some snacks, ordinary supermarkets no flavor snacks, concentration of thousands of varieties, with Beijing, Sichuan, Hunan taste, taste, taste different northeast Taiwan taste, do not worry about the


business know-how: since it is a fine snack, certain requirements, new refinement. Not only delicious, but also beautiful. Packaging is exquisite, is a gift Jiapin, good taste is the key to attract repeat customers. With chocolate, for example, 20 for small business city project! In addition to ordinary chocolate, chocolate powder, chocolate, chocolate gifts and other varieties can be considered appropriate to the diversification into some imported snacks. In addition, take the goods should pay attention to food hygiene and preservation problems, quality products to win the favor of consumers.

opened a printing shop near the school

print shop investment is relatively high

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