Annual marketing plan should pay attention to what

2016 will soon be over and the new year will begin soon. In summing up the past year at the same time, the development of a new year marketing plan also promoted the schedule. In short, with the development of the new year’s marketing work, in the review and summary of the previous year’s marketing work at the same time, the development of the new year marketing plan has also been mentioned on the agenda.

over the years, all around the company was not a small effort in the marketing work, also made some achievements, every enterprise has a good marketing performance in the marketing work that are all set, making the annual marketing plan is an important part of the annual marketing efforts, which were important a ring of future annual marketing work, so in making the annual marketing plan on what to pay attention to what? The author thinks:

first, to avoid the marketing plan "empty" and "scattered", to ensure that both professional and comprehensive, to ensure that the marketing plan to solve the actual problem of marketing in one year

at present, many enterprises in the formulation of the annual marketing plan generally exists such problems: the development of the annual marketing plan is the sales index numbers, and made follow-up work of this indicator do not plan, which is about how to achieve this target, how to do, how many need to allocate resources, these key things no more. For those living in the forefront of the fight market manager, the theory is too strong, there is no specific and operational, this marketing plan is a bit is empty, the operability is not strong, if such a marketing plan that will affect the annual marketing work.

from a professional point of view, it is necessary to the target and is a necessary, but we must ensure that a comprehensive marketing plan, must avoid the lack of marketing plan and the whole plan is scientific and practical. The marketing plan is not necessary to engage in too professional, also does not require the theory is too strong, a formulation of the marketing plan is the most important thing is to take into account the actual situation, through the plan to resolve implementation issues may arise in the future is the most key.

two, the formulation of the annual marketing plan should pay attention to the combination of previous experience and scientific analysis

in recent years, with the further deepening of marketing, the marketing personnel have accumulated a lot of valuable experience, in fact, this experience is our future marketing plan to obtain wealth, these experiences are the result of hard work by the marketing personnel, in preparing the annual marketing plan to the wealth to good use with the method of scientific analysis, further appreciation of the wealth. In the process of making a scientific marketing plan, we have to get the best experience in the past to maximize the application, and the practice should be abandoned in the past, in the new plan will not be adopted again.

three, marketing plan should pay attention to fine

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