Honesty can also view it

Now many people

in mind, if you want to view, there is no way to achieve "integrity management". And if the realization of the integrity of business, profit will be greatly reduced. Is this really the case? The integrity of business and profit is can’t have it? Now, let’s look at how the retailer knows this.

our shop business purpose is to make money, profit. But some retail businesses in order to obtain a good, just do not pay attention to the moral integrity over the red line, to wear a top hat "profiteers". "Profit" and "good faith" is really so grams? It is there and the place? In the face of such confusion, we have several more than and 10 years experience in retail boss today, take a look at how they rationalize the relationship between the two, how to take advantage of the integrity, and integrity to win customers, how to take to create wealth.

Jiangsu Jiangyan cigarette retail merchant Tian Yanghong: more than and 10 years ago, I was laid off, with the help of folks to raise money to open a small shop. We here of the tobacco industry management is not so standard, I started to purchase, lack of experience, from the wholesale market an unscrupulous merchants there, it’s really spent more than 1 thousand dollars buying counterfeit cigarettes. When I found a problem to find him to return, but because there is no strong evidence of him out of the door, so I lay in bed for a few days.

more than 1 thousand dollars of cigarettes, can not always say no, No. Honestly, I have thought of the wrong to sell these counterfeit cigarettes, but eventually the heart was filled with "honest and trustworthy" four words, do not let me. I find an idle counter, get a "false false counter", these counterfeit cigarettes, tobacco, cigarette box, box one by one on display, with instructions to help consumers improve the ability to identify counterfeit cigarettes. My "cigarettes counter" soon attracted to sympathize with me next door neighbours attracted consumers; those who want to find out what is the difference between a cigarette and smoke really attracted to me; those who hate fake, not selling move to appreciate and support customers. Blessing in disguise, let me bustling business integrity.

after more than and 10 years of this storm, my store on the basis of good faith management, has developed into a medium-sized supermarket today. And now that I sell counterfeit cigarettes to the profiteers, not a long time, put up the shutters to be eliminated.

Jilin Songyuan cigarette retail merchants Luan: last June 21st, I still as usual, six fifty get up, open the door.

"boss, a package of 10 yuan ‘Taishan (Ruan Hongtu)"."


customers handed over a hundred dollars

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