How can a good porridge road to allow those who have no worries

food and beverage industry has always been pursued by some entrepreneurs entrepreneurial projects, broad market, lucrative, good porridge road for the expansion of the business, is now facing the National Recruitment franchisee, how to make the franchisee no menace from the rear let’s go and see it!

and good porridge Road, the overall shape of the business operation of headwear, Guangzhou clothing Limited company is one in recent years, the rapid rise of a franchise, currently has more than 1 thousand stores in the country. The marketing director Huang Wo "business" Chinese told reporters: "in order to highlight the advisory services, we will conduct training for all the store clerk, and in order to more effectively manage training of franchise in the country the jackpot headdress sub regional management, in different regions have set up 3~4 branch company."


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