Suitable for college students on campus Entrepreneurship Project

entrepreneurship as early as possible, the university time is the best choice, have the time and effort, not high starting capital also never mind, as long as you find a great potential for the development of small businesses, can lead the rich.

for undergraduate poineering project:

glasses shop

for undergraduate poineering project: print shop

the print shop next to the University of the target consumer group should be no doubt in the student body. Now college students before graduation, should be carefully prepared submissions, and hundreds of dozens, hundreds, in order to find a husband on the talent market". Recommend the book to some extent represents a person’s quality, mimeograph of course not, and the laser Phototypesetting machines, copiers more expensive, the average person does not have the necessary equipment, but to resort to the printing service.

for undergraduate poineering project: campus laundry

and its fees are very low, the standard for washing and dewatering every 3 kg 1 yuan. This new type of service to attract a large number of college students, many students in the school to become the laundry customers. According to the shop staff, laundry day treatment capacity of up to more than and 900 kg, at present had recommended 3

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