School is suitable for entrepreneurship project analysis

China attaches great importance to education, resulting in a large number of universities in China, and this has also formed a fixed market, as long as a good grasp, it will be able to establish a wealth here. Here, the small series on the introduction of some of the school’s entrepreneurial projects, hoping to be helpful to your business!

1, family service center. Students can choose to be competent in the composition of the team, each person can only be a special counseling section. And key secondary schools, primary school teachers, through the investigation, choose their own advantages, but also the market demand of subjects.

2, adult exam tutorial. The annual adult college entrance examination in October, the tutorial can start from the spring festival. Cooperate with the school of adult education and other relevant departments in their name.

3, conference etiquette services. There are professional etiquette companies in the community, their etiquette, there are loose, but also professional. The establishment of a university etiquette service team, both with the professional etiquette company, but also directly for all types of large-scale meetings.

4, press return. Each university has its own publishing house, and every year there are books that have not been sold back from the publisher, which has turned the paper mill into pulp. Students are able to take the book to the kilogram valuation, to the point of scale penetration of the sales model, with a lower discount, directly into the sales terminal.

5, inventor club. Of the students who are interested in the invention of achievement. Call on, organize, regular activities, brainstorming, build a website, to participate in various types of social achievements in the transaction activities, there are plans to promote publicity.

6, shorthand training management. Many occasions, such as seminars, appraisal meetings, press conferences, press conferences, forums, etc., require shorthand. Since it is necessary, I will train professionals, while operating shorthand.

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