What techniques are needed to open children’s DY hand shop

workshop has been popular in the market, has been a lot of franchisee’s attention, if you want to invest in a children’s market for children’s DIY hand shop, which technology to learn? Many novice on this issue is not very clear, then hurry to learn about it.

A, flower painting production technology: Flower painting is the domestic folk in recent years the rise of a new kind of painting. The screen is embossed, the screen is raised, the level is clear, the color is bright, bright and colorful, can be long-term preservation of non bleaching. It advocates a new kind of art, which is made by oneself and individual imagination. It is suitable for different ages, different gender, different education level, different levels of art lovers, especially to improve children’s aesthetic consciousness, painting skills and hands-on innovation ability. By the head office of specialist teachers teaching: the preparation method of flower painting pigments, flower painting creation technology, manufacturing method of painting. By the head office with 12 color flower mud 500 grams.

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two, clay crafts: Clay (a polymer clay), it has high ductility and plasticity, fully meet the human desire to create, the changeable characteristics, immediately became the inspiration of creative thinking, culture and cultural qualities of the materials. When the clay crafts are soft, made by baking after it becomes as hard as iron has a variety of colorful arts and crafts. By the head office of specialist teachers teaching: method of making clay Jewelry, crafts, cartoon portrait. By the head office with 13 color clay each 500 grams, Ruantao production tools of 2 sets, 1 sets of oven.

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three, handmade soap. Handmade soap into the natural, cultural and artistic personality, in one, using natural plant essence, no animal fats, imaginative art and magic pleasant plant essential oils, handmade soap after enthusiasts note, modeling, modification, melt into the mold, a mold and a series of process carefully produced, making each process is like a piece of transparent soap pleasing art creation. The raw materials are easy to obtain. The method made by headquarters teachers handmade soap, soap for 20 kilograms, a die set, a set of tools, the taste of the flavor of a pigment, a 12 color.

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four, handmade candles. Handmade candles is a comprehensive DIY, in order to advocate their own production as the main fashion leisure venues, in the store can experience a relaxed mood, experience the fun of their own hands. The raw materials are easy to obtain. Method of making handmade candles taught by the head office of teachers, providing crystal wax 20 kilograms of raw materials, die set, a set of tools, a 12 color pigment.

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