How to open a restaurant location is better

good restaurant their location is very good, because the location is directly related to the store business is booming. Open restaurant location is a lot of entrepreneurs are most concerned about the issue, because the business has just entered the altar, for food and beverage store location approach to know little, then I would like to introduce the relevant information.

is the correct choice of food and beverage shop, shop the first condition to make money. Different types of shops to consider the basic factors. A good business shop, if the wrong location, small business, big may also lead to "put up the shutters". Scientific location will enable you to gain advantages and business is booming.

open restaurant location based on popular

good location is not absolute, but there are many commonalities, such as population mobility, convenient transportation, etc., so choose a good position to consider the following factors:

1.: the usual flow of people and holiday and Sunday night, people and the proportion of


2. vehicle flow: automobile, motorcycle flow;

3. traffic: the current and future may increase or decrease the transport tool;

4. the road width and the parking problem;

Regional characteristics:

5. competition shop, complementary shop, financial institutions and education, leisure facilities;

6. population survey: population, consumption habits, etc.;

7. business district survey: the main and secondary business area, rent, price.

According to the popular

site to open restaurants, can be roughly divided into two kinds: one in the mouth of a People are hurrying to and fro. downtown, opened in the village residents. Because the former and large neighborhood commodity characteristics is more important and should find a big shop no things to do. Operation of such a small shop, we must do the market to do deep penetration. Opened in the downtown store, may wish to meet the tastes of young people can manage the goods, because the young man is the most love shopping. On the contrary, the operation of the elderly supplies store should be opened in the residential area, which is the scope of the activities of the elderly, of course, by the nearest to welcome them.

site selection based on

to buy shops as a variety of real estate investment, both rental, but also self dual characteristics, has long attracted the attention of investors. However, not just to buy a shop can make money, the choice of the store is very particular about.

above is about the restaurant location of some of the introduction, we want to help, only

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