Ten big shoes brand rankings

wants to run up more easily, not because of drag shoes, not because the shoes do not fit on the body caused by injury, nature will need to choose the right pair of running shoes. The shoes can be divided into three categories to provide motion control to provide shock absorption, stability. Provide cushioning shoes, usually have a sandwich sole is soft, uniform motion in auxiliary foot force to help foot shock. The shoe body is usually light and the stability is relatively poor.

provides the stability of running shoes, soles usually have uniform stress columns or inside has a sandwich structure. Provide motion control shoes, usually hard, overpronation can reduce or control the foot, prevent ankle injury, this shoe weight is usually better than other heavy shoes. Following with the small series to see ten big shoes brand rankings.

ten NO.1.Nike Nike brand rankings (began in 1972 in the United States, the world famous sports brand, the world’s first air cushion technology, known to small hook brand image of Nike business (China) Limited)

shoes ten brand rankings (NO.2.NewBalance began in 1906 in the United States, the global sports brand leader, to emphasize the comfort of shoes all over the world, new 100-lun Trade Co. Ltd (Chinese))

shoes ten brand ranking NO.3.ASICS Arthur (founded in 1949 in Japan, the big ten football shoe brand, global occupation athletes and sports fans love the well-known brand, Arthur (Chinese) Trading Co., Ltd.)

shoes ten big brand ranking NO.4.Adidas Adidas (Germany on 1949, the world’s top sports equipment manufacturers, with three parallel lines as the brand logo, clover series is the classic products, Adidas sports (China) Limited)

shoes ten big brand ranking NO.5.Mizuno MIZUNO (founded in 1906 in Japan, a large multinational corporation, the world’s leading sports equipment manufacturers, MIZUNO (Chinese) Sports Goods Co., Ltd.)

shoes ten big brand ranking NO.6. Anta ANATA (started in 1994, making the sporting goods industry standard flagship sports leisure clothing / shoes and accessories of the comprehensive sports Brand Company, Anta (Chinese) Limited)

shoes ten big brand ranking NO.7. Do-win DOWIN (founded in 1983, a large scale national enterprises in the special sports shoes production enterprises, Kunshan Do-win Sports Goods Co., Ltd.)


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