Stationmaster net broadcast SkyDrive UC April 15th offline ordering platform staff scalping 3 days c

1 "legend" achievement Chen Tianqiao has not been able to keep the Royal Group  

almost every successful entrepreneur will own success because of the dream and the cause of the stick and stick. The road of entrepreneurship, is always full of thorns bumpy road, can get real, totally depends on success through the 99 to eighty-one. The philosopher tells us that in the face of difficulties, never down, don’t give up. However, this seemingly simple truth, how many people can do it? Chen Tianqiao’s demise, in addition to not be able to hold the heart, what else?

This year,

NPC and CPPCC, Robin Li, Ma Huateng is still the focus, everywhere he was besieged. In contrast, the first representative of the Internet to attend the two sessions, in 2008 was elected CPPCC National Committee members Chen Tianqiao, almost no sense of presence. At the end of the meeting, he left the car on his own, and came up with a few reporters.

from the former Chinese’s richest man, the king of public opinion, to now 10 years, "No one shows any interest in, Chen and his grand


2 inventory into Silicon Valley of China IT company: HUAWEI, Baidu, Tencent, Suning, Jingdong, Alibaba

Baidu in 2014 to spend $300 million to build a new R & D center in Silicon Valley, the research and development center currently employs about 200 people, including two major groups: USDC and Baidu Research.

USDC is mainly responsible for Internet related business development and covering advertising, information security, big data, cloud computing and other areas of science and technology development; Baidu Research Silicon Valley AI Lab the by Institute of, Deep Learning and Big Data Lab three laboratories, research covering the image recognition and speech recognition, Natural Language Processing search, and intelligent.


USA in May 2014 to recruit director Wu Enda, associate professor, Department of computer science and Electronic Engineering Department of Stanford University of artificial intelligence laboratory as chief scientist, Mr Wu Enda has become a top name card of Baidu USA, many researchers.

3.UC SkyDrive April 15th offline reason is the tie of jurisprudence, involving pirated inventory work  


news March 17th, days before the announcement to SkyDrive UC users, SkyDrive will shut down the storage service, April 15, 2016 12 noon, please login SkyDrive UC, download the backup file.


announcement shows that SkyDrive will stop SkyDrive UC storage service, during the period from now until April 15th, to support users to download SkyDrive backup files, offline download server >

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