Another time away from the background light blog goodbye


June 30th, the largest blog operators Sina announced its 4 years of operation of the light blog official line, the domain name mission is coming to an end, after the transfer of direct access Sina blog, causing the crowd a sob.


light blog is launched in May 2011, was launched in the Sina has spread in the micro-blog and Sina have a blog, directly into the micro-blog friends of resources, is the most typical light blog "two rich generation". Just different from the success of micro-blog and blog, Sina micro blog development is not warm, and even provoked plagiarism storm. 2013, NetEase has issued a statement condemning Sina light blog plagiarism. In June 30, 2015, Qing line, the website has been unable to open, direct jump Sina blog, micro-blog blog, attention to Sina, light blog offline is upset, since the media age transition into a new round of fighting.


light blog, a network media between micro-blog and blog, blog is the originator of light Tumblr, founded in 2007. The young bloggers following small for you to manage domestic has gone and still alive.

those who have gone –

when did he

big push

grand launch of the "push his net" beta in May 5, 2011. After six months of operation and promotion, with the characteristics of the product structure in the exchange and interaction, in animation, fashion, illustration, photography and other content gathered a large number of active users. And put forward his slogan: a person’s share, a group of people. He pushed the grand launch of light blog network, the integration of the cool 6 video, McCue notes, Shanda literature resources such as shanda. Push him to enjoy unique advantages in the field of light blogging, video sharing, document sharing, music upload, and other aspects of the release of novel resources. May 6, 2013 project team disbanded, the site can not be opened.

Chinese search love

search is the first in China based on the fashion and shopping sharing light blog community, the main user oriented shopping for love, love beautiful fashion women. Search is based on the interests of women in the "shopping" of the more segments of the field, as well as by shopping derived fashion, collocations and literary interests. Thus, search for love as a light blog site positioning is very clear, is to focus on segments of interest, not greed and. With beautiful, like search, although it is mainly [1] love to "shopping", but itself is not to sell any user items, but to provide a simple and powerful platform to guide the user to the rational and healthy shopping. The site has been unable to open.

Chinese station everyone

everyone station is the real name social networking sites to create light blog, the.

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