Dragon Code beware of DC garbage

      with the rise of the Internet, a new industry with the rise of IDC, you must, or network professionals will not be unfamiliar, individual or company must have too many experienced " IDC waste ", in this statement, what is called & quot; IDC ", the garbage; they are called " IDC waste " because they are in the industry to allow customers to refuse the event with hair standing on end!

      I try my best to calm his words, don’t let him more than the language, I want to meet the IDC event of the friend can understand my mood.

      lens one: the site suddenly can not open, and quickly call the computer room to restart, IDC garbage company personnel to give a reply: technicians are rushed to the room 15 minutes after the restart. (this is understandable) after 20 minutes, continue to open the site, or can not open, after the Ping is still unable to connect to the server! Also called the computer room, their answer is, please wait a moment, still can not be opened as usual. And give them a call, get the news or technology has to restart! Quickly open the browser, the results can not be opened. Call the computer room: the site can not be opened, when you restart..!!! An hour later, the website can be opened.

      scene two: the site can not be opened for a day and a night, the day before the room service to find excuses that old machine downtime is because the server system crashes, I think, why can have a system crash! They agreed to redo the system. The second day in the morning, when the site can not be opened as usual, and quickly called them, the result is still no movement. Later the friend contact room, they said do not CD-ROM system! Then asked, how to do? Their answer is no way to do the system! Let it has been unable to open! This is an unbearable answer! At the beginning of the trust, the machine hosting past, has become a source of air now. But in the end they gave a solution. Is his car to Beijing to take back their own system to do! I rely.. Is this a company? Who is the boss of this company? The company is said to have bought a building in Beijing! Friends say he has his way to success! Indeed, the Hongkong underworld can afford a country! Is this the way to success?

      lens three: your computer room processing speed is so slow, always can not open, redo the system also don’t do, we want to move the server, request to refund the remaining server hosting fee! Their answer is: can move, money does not retreat. What about the contract? Maybe these small customers would be stuck with them, your money is earned by, but.

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