Tencent honor commitments Jingdong hand Q entrance on the line in August

July 21st evening news, billion state power network exclusively learned that the Jingdong will be officially opened on August 8th a mobile phone shopping entrance of QQ, which is the Tencent shares of the Jingdong, fulfill the "hand in WeChat and Q opened the entrance of a second step" commitment: previously, Jingdong in a shopping entrance has been officially launched and WeChat operation.

Jingdong has revealed that Jingdong mobile QQ entrance will launch a super cost-effective, playing big, shopping street three channels. The super value channel will be the main push "Poser" panic buying; main channel brand; channel is "wandering the streets" personality Taohuo, pushing the main sale, first, new star, cooperation and membership privileges, when the new season found selling activities and other forms of goods — this positioning is very similar to WeChat "".

In addition, Jingdong

mobile QQ entrance will also launch a series of QQ members of the special benefits, and further complementary advantages of mobile QQ community.

hand Q entry on the first line, Jingdong formed a combination of mobile phones WeChat, mobile QQ and mobile client side layout." Jingdong side said. It said that the follow-up will also be on the mobile phone QQ Jingdong entrance plate optimization, the introduction of more features. For example, users can edit and share to QZone and other platforms to SNS community once again to promote the sharing of goods and shopping evaluation, and the formation of a unique form of shops.

Jingdong official said, QQ mobile phone as one of the most influential instant messaging applications and mobile communities, with a high strategic value. According to Tencent 2014 first quarter earnings data show that mobile QQ users to maintain strong growth, QQ smart terminal monthly active accounts grew by 52% to $490 million. Jingdong mobile QQ entrance to the first tier cities as the center, can be fully covered by the city’s consumers, to further enhance the coverage of the advantages of Jingdong users.

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