Product is 1 marketing is the marketing of the 0 forget to go with the user

as a successful brand, millet to our biggest revelation is also marketing. But only in this speech, Mr. Kim, perhaps you will understand a completely different idea.


rely on marketing or product millet success led to the industry’s big thinking. On the 27 day of the (third) Chinese women’s Brand Summit Forum, micro innovation, the proposed gold wrong knife to open the market to subvert the level of innovation in the marketing of millet, an insider of the market in.

forget marketing

millet subvert the market mechanism behind not just marketing.

in the new communication environment, and now many companies are emphasizing the importance of marketing. But where the customer is a marketing example of failure. This was particularly tough marketing company, has laid off eight thousand people in nearly two years. Some time ago we made a large spread of a "I want to be in full bloom of life", but not to where the customer brought in. Now it began to millet, millet to learn, but not learning marketing.

In addition,

has been very strong in the field of smart phones HTC, this year also began to reflect that the company’s short board does not understand the marketing, and spent a lot of money to do the iron man endorsement. However, from the data, in the past two years the market value of HTC evaporated 90%.

iron man can not save HTC, and can not really save a company. The Internet has brought a lot of change, marketing in the overall failure, we have to forget about marketing.

traditional business thinking failure

the success of millet is especially destroyed three concept.

the past two years, many companies have been growing millet is crowning calamity, very vigorous. 3 years, the market value of $10 billion this year, sales must be more than 30 billion yuan. Red rice phone has a huge impact on China’s local mobile phone industry has to get, can be called a mobile phone to change the pattern of the industry as a whole.

and at the beginning, millet company’s people do not understand the parts. Millet just said to do the phone, a lot of people think it is a joke. Now, millet sales have been 30 billion yuan, while the lack of poor marketing costs. In the past, do the phone must be a lot of outdoor and CCTV advertising. Millet in these two places are not advertising, but the establishment of the line of the city are well-known brands four.

millet marketing is very wonderful, relying on fans. Millet fans have tens of millions of people, the repeat purchase rate is very high. It is almost no channel, or even do not support the sale of products in more channels, most of the products are ordered on their official website. This is the hope that the relationship with the user. In the official website of millet, once a week to buy, because the demand is very large.

currently, many companies are trying to embrace the Internet, so that the Internet thinking and O2O these two words are hot this year

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