QQ group marketing how can one day cited tens of thousands of traffic

now a lot of people are doing network marketing, but found that this method does not work, that method is not effective, always find a satisfactory drainage method. Today, Shao Lianhu will give you a simple way to speak, as long as the use of a QQ mass software can bring thousands of days of traffic.


QQ mass software is four years ago, I just contacted the network soon, I think now a lot of software can not be used. However, a few days ago, I found that the effect of this software is still good, I would like to say to you before the mass QQ software used before, and then give everyone talk about how to operate now.

four years ago using QQ mass marketing software

first step, prepare QQ number

was very popular in some marketing software, such as QQ mass software, the forum top paste software. The use of QQ mass software must be able to have a number of QQ, the best there are dozens, hundreds of.

some people may not understand why to use mass software with QQ so much QQ? Because I had a QQ a day can add less than ten group, with a number of QQ, the day you could not add a few groups, not to mention the promotion.

so, before their registration, or spend money to buy, or to buy hundreds of Taobao QQ number. Because at that time I sold QQ, I know a technical staff, one hour can apply for tens of thousands of QQ, but even so, QQ, I am not missing.

second step, QQ group acquisition software

has a QQ number, we need to find some QQ group number can not, how do you add QQ group number? Is a plus group by hand, so tired a day could not add a few.

there are a lot of QQ group acquisition software, very easy to use, as long as you enter the keywords you can search hundreds, thousands of QQ group, and then you can put these QQ group to guide.

want to promote which QQ group, the search for what QQ group, and then use the QQ group to collect the software to organize these things up, ready for the next step of the operation.

third step, QQ batch add group software

I was ready to have about one hundred of the QQ number, and then use QQ batch add group software, the tens of thousands of QQ group into the software, and then began to add. QQ batch add group software is very easy to use, when I was a QQ number only two or three groups a day, I am afraid of Tencent restrictions.

QQ, a two day group, one hundred day is QQ, plus two hundred QQ group, is not through the day can also add more than and 100 QQ group. Moreover, the group is very simple, the software will automatically jump out of the verification code, just enter the four letters can be added to a group, very convenient.

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