Six rooms on suspicion of piracy piracy site was a claim of 680 thousand

Washington, an Olympic themed TV series premiere will first be not broadcast video site. To this end, the play Chupin on suspicion of piracy will be "Cool 6" and "cool" and "my music" and "six rooms" and "face" and other 5 well-known video sites to court, claims a total of 3 million 400 thousand yuan. Yesterday, the Haidian court hearing in which the six rooms as a defendant in the case.

According to the Beijing radio and television

Albert television cultural center agent is introduced, the Olympic theme TV series produced a total investment of more than 630 yuan for shooting, but has not yet been premiered on a number of well-known domestic video websites piracy. "It is important to broadcast a TV series, some TV premiere rights will be able to recover the investment on sale." The agent said, early piracy seriously affected the show’s premiere rights sales, resulting in significant losses to the producer, 5 video website so they will be suspected of piracy to court. In yesterday’s court hearing, the plaintiff requested the "six rooms" apology, stop the infringement and compensation of 680 thousand yuan.

video content is uploaded by users." The defendant six room website, said they only provide video playback service, if the alleged infringement should be borne by the user, the site does not constitute infringement. For the amount of 680 thousand yuan the plaintiff claims, "the six" said, in the reflection of received after they have removed the related video content, has done to the site of the obligation, and the video in the presence of the click rate is not high, the economic loss is caused by many, relationship with no website.

because the play is the plaintiff and other units of cooperation taken by the court the defendant questioned whether the plaintiff sued for independence, the court therefore adjourned, day retrial.

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