How Taobao keyword optimization

Title Optimization

is Taobao recently many businesses feel confused, so here we recommend to do a systematic optimization, here you can go to try, if you still do not know how to choose their baby keyword title, then listen to small talk about this in the end is how to operate.

first we need to know a search rule, is your title has been unclear, so our customers also do not understand how to find you, here is only in small part of most or no competition in the way of thinking to optimize, so as to achieve precision marketing.


store sales is very difficult, but a lot of people most are small and medium-sized, without systematic training, no more to the correlation between learning knowledge, some just want to make money on the Internet platform above, so below the wishes of their active joined, and in a very long time all the above side side shop, after a month of hard, did not make any money, it is not hard? No, you are not to find ways.


network marketing is in need of more accurate traffic into the way, in front of the above period, the Alibaba had already found that now Taobao natural flow system is changing, and in most of the external flow is in the conversion, such as micro marketing said earlier, WeChat said that if the natural flow system in the promotion of Taobao the way, then passed on to their own pat or other shopping sites above, it will be very dangerous, so here is not accidental shielding. From the ranking wizard is also seen out, the more the number of Taobao’s sales business, relying on the external traffic system more dependent.

natural search drop-down select

in Taobao search, we input some keywords, the system will automatically give we always add some words, this time we need to note that the system is not in order to play we call, but in most of the personnel search, frequent phrases like that, so here for everyone some say, is Taobao search algorithm is very accurate, after ranking wizard, a lot of time, we are in the Taobao keyword search phrase + multi testing way to get down to do it, so here can exposure must be the best, when we upload baby must try join the following phrases.

Taobao index analysis grab

Taobao hot search index has been open, but we do not pay attention to small sellers just here to say:

Taobao official index address:

ranking elves feel that we do this e-commerce staff, must be >

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